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Pioneering Regional Growth Through Strategic Partnerships and Innovation

KKLM Enterprise Limitada, a Mozambican-owned company led by Lucilio Mondlane, has rapidly expanded its market presence in Southern Africa by leveraging Local Compass's B2B matchmaking service. Specializing in personal protective equipment and innovative water purification systems, KKLM's strategic partnerships, including a significant collaboration with South Africa's Manja Destiny Limited, have been instrumental in this growth. This alliance facilitated the introduction of KKLM’s water purification products into the South African market, including availability in major retail chains like Makro. KKLM's success story highlights the pivotal role of regional business platforms in fostering connections and driving company growth.





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Pioneering Regional Growth Through Strategic Partnerships and Innovation

KKLM Enterprise Limitada, a fully Mozambican-owned company with operations in South Africa, has rapidly become a significant regional market player over the past three years, thanks to the B2B matchmaking service of Local Compass.
Founded and led by Lucilio Mondlane, KKLM focuses on supplyingn personal protective equipment (PPE) across various industries, catering to both the Mozambican market and neighboring countries. Beyond PPE, KKLM has advanced in the water purification sector, offering innovative systems developed in collaboration with companies from South Korea and India. These systems, which attach directly to faucets, provide purified drinking water, especially useful in regions with limited access to clean water. This cost-effective and safe
solution has broadened KKLM’s market presence.
A pivotal growth moment for KKLM was registering and completing assessments on the Local Compass Platform, which qualified them to be part of the selected local companies for the SAOGA event. This initiative, promoting regional business collaborations, enabled KKLM to connect with numerous South African companies, significantly boosting their business development.
One significant outcome of this engagement was a partnership with Manja Destiny Limited, a Johannesburg-based company. Facilitated by connections made at the event, Manja Destiny identified a need for KKLM’s water purification systems in South Africa and other African countries. This collaboration led to the product’s introduction into the South African market, including availability in Makro, one of South Africa’s largest supermarket chains. The partnership with Manja Destiny underscores the importance of regional events and platforms in fostering business interactions. These engagements are crucial for building networks, exploring new markets, and driving growth. KKLM’s journey from a local supplier to a regional player exemplifies how strategic partnerships formed through platforms like Local Compass can lead to substantial succes

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