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Local Content Success Stories Platform


About us

Established in 2022, the Local Content Success Stories Platform online was created to promote external communication over existing local content practices and to inspire others through simplified Success Stories available to all.
The project was designed and supported by CLC Solution, a Local Content Advisory and Research & Development company, which operates in Mozambique, Maputo, East Central and Austral African region (through local partners).

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SS Platform Main Supporting Institution - CLC Solution

About clc solution

CLC Solution is a Center for Local Content Solutions.
A consultancy company, which operates in Mozambique, Maputo, East African region (through local partners). Our team expertise supports companies through all steps of the design and implementation of their local content strategy, in accordance with local regulations and stakeholder expectations.

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CLC Solution Goals


  • Partners

    New partners to associate in R&D activities (investor, sponsor, and technical partners)

  • Integrate

    Integrate environmental consulting services to our offering

  • Consultant

    Highly motivated consultant and interns to train and support our clients

  • Expansion

    Extend our regional focus to Tanzania

  • Local Content Platform

    Official Website to inform and onboard on our activities

  • Research & Development

    New services and products issued from our R&D activities